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A Skincare and Essential Oils Ecommerce Brand: Health and Wellness at Your Fingertips

The target is a scaling eCommerce Retailer operating under 2 separate, well-placed private label brands in various Health and Personal Wellness Categories, including Skincare, Essential Oils, Body Scrubs, and Massage Oils. Ownership has taken a number of steps to ensure that the products and categories chosen for the company-owned brands are long term, evergreen products that will continue to be in demand, regardless of our economic cycle – and not trends that will peter out over time. To this end, the company achieves very low seasonality and low concentration among its various SKUs – a powerful value driver, especially for a company that primarily sells on the Amazon sales channel.


The company is achieving 135%+ YOY sales growth on roughly $2.3M in TTM Earnings, and forecasts strong growth as a continued opportunity for many years to come. The business is currently laser-focused on 28 consumer products sold under its brands and operates only on the U.S. sales channel.

As for scale off of Amazon, the company has yet to tap into its own branded website sales or to promote their highly successful brands in social media. These are the types of female-centric products that, with the right influencers, would do wildly well on Facebook and Instagram to promote sales off of Amazon and onto the company’s own websites, where operating margins are much stronger.


With 2 strong brands under management, this Internet Business is built for success both online and offline, with the foundation necessary to grow exponentially given the velocity created by the current SKUs. Fulfillment logistics are managed by Amazon (Fulfilled by Amazon – FBA) from head to toe with very little need for additional personnel. If a new owner prefers to work part time or fewer hours, Virtual Assistants can be hired to handle some or all of ownership’s current taskings.

The company primarily sells its products through the Amazon sales channel, where it has achieved high rankings and positive reviews. However, there is significant room for growth by expanding sales to the company’s own branded website and utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With targeted marketing efforts and the right influencers, the business can drive sales growth and reach a broader customer base.

The products sold by the company include various Therapeutic Oils, Body Scrubs, Mud Masks, Massage Oils, Retinol Skincare Products, Facial Clays, Serums, Shampoos and Conditioners. Scale opportunities within the product lines are massive – this company has just touched the surface of growth on the product line level.

The customer base for this business includes individuals interested in health, wellness, and personal care products. These customers may be seeking natural and organic solutions for their skincare needs or are looking to incorporate essential oils and other wellness products into their daily routines. The business has a strong focus on female customers, targeting women of all ages who prioritize self-care and are willing to invest in high-quality products. By expanding its sales channels and marketing efforts, the business can attract a wider range of customers and build a loyal customer base.


This business is scaling, well ranked and well rated on Amazon and ready for a buyer to grow the business 10-fold. Business ownership is more than willing to stay on and would prefer to keep some equity in the transaction, if possible (not required). Now is the time to buy into this great business opportunity and take it to the next level.


The health and personal wellness industry is a rapidly growing sector, with consumers increasingly focused on self-care and well-being. Skincare, essential oils, and other related products have gained popularity as individuals seek natural and holistic solutions for their health and beauty needs. This industry is characterized by strong demand and a wide range of products and services, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Examples of successful companies in this industry include brands like Sephora, The Body Shop, and doTERRA.


This business has significant scale opportunities, both in terms of expanding product lines and increasing sales channels. With a strong foundation and a growing customer base, the company can further develop its existing brands and introduce new products to cater to evolving consumer needs. Additionally, by leveraging social media and other online platforms, the business can drive sales growth and establish a stronger online presence. Examples of scale opportunities include launching new skincare products, expanding into international markets, and partnering with influencers for promotional campaigns.

Asking Price: $10,500,000
Gross Income: $7,855,807
Cash Flow: $2,312,796
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 2

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