eco-friendly, green products in a household or kitchen

Eco-Friendly Green Products Brand with 70% YOY Growth Projected for 2022

This Amazon FBA brand offers a range of eco-friendly and green products, such as paper napkins, wooden cutleries, and compostable cutleries for household use. With over 100 SKUs, the brand has built a solid relationship with supply chain, allowing for high-quality, affordable products and competitive prices. Focusing on the US market, the business has expanded to other Amazon FBA markets such as the UK and Japan. With a 70% YoY growth for 2022, the brand has a roadmap for success on the Amazon platform.The company operates exclusively on Amazon, with 75% of revenue coming from organic traffic. This simplifies and maintains consistency in cash flow, inventory, and orders, which has helped the business scale. There is little seasonality seen in sales, offering a predictable revenue throughout the year. The business also has strong, long-term relationships with multiple high-quality suppliers, allowing for potential international expansion opportunities.


Long-term relationships with multiple high-quality suppliers, little to no concentration risk at the SKU level


The company uses Amazon’s PPC campaigns for advertising, with approximately $20,000 spent per month and a ROAS of 450%. The brand’s affordable and accessible products have been a critical factor in its success.

Potential methods to scale the brand even further include tapping into digital advertising beyond Amazon, affiliate marketing, implementing additional secondary sales channels, and exploring subscription boxes. Additionally, partnering with suppliers to the trade and mass retail can create entirely new and significant revenue streams.

70% YoY growth, 4.6-star average reviews, 99% of sales in the US, 75% revenue from organic traffic, 450% ROAS

The brand caters to a wide range of customers, including average Amazon shoppers, small business owners, and many people in the restaurant industry, with an average order value of $15.


No additional employees needed to run the business


This business operates within the eco-friendly and green products niche, focusing on household and kitchen supplies. The increasing awareness of sustainable living and eco-friendly products has resulted in significant growth in this industry. Examples of other businesses in this industry include Yumi Eco, Who Gives a Crap, and ECOlunchbox.


Opportunities for a new owner to scale the business include international expansion, exploring the massive wholesale market, and creating partnerships and additional SKUs.

Asking Price: $4,000,000
Gross Income: $4,905,078
Cash Flow: $918,082
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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