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Established Ecommerce Custom Printed Goods Retailer: 7-Year Success Story

This 7-year established eCommerce retailer offers custom printing products, embroidery, screen printing and promotional products to the B2B and B2C segments. The company primarily targets businesses, schools and professionals who require a stable and efficient source for all their imaging needs. The company provides comprehensive solutions for marketing materials, professional and casual apparel, and customized promotional products for advertising.


The company offers a wide range of customizable products across multiple segments to the commercial customer, small business owners, schools, and other social groups. Signage, embroidery, and screen printing services are either drop-shipped from remote suppliers or printed and shipped in-house from the company’s office, which is an optional part of the sale. The company has four trained employees and in-house equipment.

The company follows a logistical sequence, i.e., either drop-shipping product from remote suppliers or printing and shipping in-house.


The owner has maintained the company’s online presence mainly with organic traffic since the start of the business but has not yet taken advantage of the wholesale or affiliate sales potential. The company is viable for growth and conversion with the introduction of SEO/SEM/SMO campaigns and an actual social presence to boost traffic.

The company’s sales channel is primarily online eCommerce, and they can rapidly benefit from minimal investments to grow their B2B and B2C customers with better SEO strategies and small initial investments.

The company generates $375k of annual gross income, producing up to $125k cash flow, and requesting $335k in asking price.

The company targets enterprise-level commercial customers, schools, and small business owners in search of a one-stop-shop solution for all their customizable printing goods needs with exceptional quality.


The company has four employees that deliver the printing services.


The custom printing goods retailer is an eCommerce subcategory that deals with some of the products consumers use regularly, including mugs, pens, brochures, cards, and much more. The industry is rising with the advent of eCommerce publication tools, making it easy to create printing templates. Companies like CafePress and Zazzle popularize the print-on-demand niche. Custom printing offers a highly profitable e-commerce sector because it doesn’t require a costly brick-and-mortar setup and enjoys high profit margins.


The company can scale its product offerings to include more variety, collaborate better with merchants and influencers to attract customers. And explore new channels by incorporating their custom printing goods into affiliate marketing programs.

Asking Price: $335,000
Gross Income: $375,000
Cash Flow: $125,000
Year Established: 2008
Employees: 4

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