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Luxury Watch Seller in the Ecommerce Segment Ready to Buy or Sell

A well-established online retailer specializing in men’s luxury watches. Founded in January 2016, the company boasts a hand-picked supply of watches, low overhead, and minimal time investment for success. The company is highly profitable, and with its established supplier relationships, organically ranked domain, and targeted marketing, it is poised for tremendous growth in the eCommerce and marketplace. Additionally, there is an opportunity for expansion into the wearables market.


This business requires almost no overhead and minimal time invested for success. The business is scalable in the near term and highly profitable since its inception. This minimizes the risk for any buyer, and the seller is offering financing with 50% down. With supplier relationships already established, highly targeted marketing in place, and an organically ranked domain, this business is ready for immediate expansion in the eCommerce and marketplace.

The business has established supplier relationships. This guarantees the ability to meet the demand of the business’s loyal customer base while minimizing inventory risks. Existing supply channels can be expanded, and new relationships in the wearable and watch segment can be explored.


The company has highly targeted marketing already in place. Additional marketing channels can be explored, including social media, PPC, and influencer marketing, to drive more traffic to the business. With the company’s strong domain and supplier relationships, the brand can be marketed heavily, and this will help attract a new audience and increase sales.

The company currently sells 100% online but has a tremendous opportunity to expand into Amazon. This would allow the business to tap into a new audience and generate more sales. Moreover, the company can explore partnerships with other retailers to provide additional distribution channels.

Key metrics for this business include sales, gross income, profit margin, customer acquisition costs, retention rates, and supplier relationships. The company is well-established, and its metrics are healthy and strong. With additional marketing campaigns, the company’s customer base and sales numbers can see significant growth.

The customer base is primarily made up of men looking for luxury watches. The company’s marketing strategy is heavily focused on building brand loyalty and driving repeat purchases. With additional marketing campaigns, the company can attract new customers and increase sales to its existing loyal customer base.


The company currently has one employee, making it very lean and scalable. The new owner can choose to expand the team or maintain the current level of operations.


The company operates in the luxury men’s watch segment of the eCommerce industry. With the rise of eCommerce, the luxury market has shifted online. With an aging domain and established supplier relationships, the business is well-positioned to tap into this market. The company can also explore the wearables segment to expand its product line and further increase growth. Some examples of other companies in the industry include Jomashop, TheWatchSource, and Luxury Bazaar.


Opportunities for scale include the expansion of the product line, additional marketing campaigns, and partnerships with other retailers. With established supply channels, increasing the product line is a low-risk way to expand. Additionally, investing in marketing campaigns to increase website traffic can increase sales and customer acquisition. Partnerships with other luxury retailers can also bring additional strategic benefits to the business.

Asking Price: $295,000
Gross Income: $278,961
Cash Flow: $123,360
Year Established: 2016
Employees: 1

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