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Organic Superfoods: Branded Consumable Products for Health and Wellness

Organic Superfoods is a fully branded consumable products business specializing in health and wellness. The company offers two organic superfood products that cater to the organic, natural, GMO-free, and vegan markets. This vertical has significant scale potential and is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. The brand is 100% relocatable and has low overheads with no warehousing.


The company currently only sells its products via and recently expanded into their Subscribe & Save program. The business follows 30-day terms with its suppliers and has a 100% FBA platform.

The business follows 30-day terms with suppliers, with products stored in Amazon warehouses.


The company currently only sells through However, the business plans to use SEO to create a channel mix. It is also currently working on comprehensive paid advertising campaigns, international expansion, developing additional product lines, and creating a sales arm to promote a wholesale sales channel.

The company sells its products exclusively through Amazon but plans to create a wholesale sales channel.

The company’s primary metrics include sales figures and a low overhead.

The company’s target customer base includes organic, natural, GMO-free and vegan markets.


The company is based online and does not have any employees.


Organic Superfoods operates in the health and wellness industry. As sales for natural, organic and healthy products continue to grow, the potential market for this company is almost infinite.


Opportunities for scaling include international expansion, comprehensive paid advertising campaigns, off Amazon SEO, and developing additional product lines.

Asking Price: $320,000
Gross Income: $420,000
Cash Flow: $90,000
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 1

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