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Sports Betting Website with Expert Picks, Score Predictions, Betting Advice, Stats, and Betting Trends

This online sports service provides sports picks, score predictions, betting advice, statistical data, and betting trends. The service is subscription-based and offers various subscription types, including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and seasonal. The company has been in the industry for 20 years and provides verifiable betting systems that have a proven track record of returns.


The company has a highly streamlined business model that leverages an automated third-party vendor portal for managing subscriptions and all transactions. This makes this platform a hands-free profit center with minimal workload on ownership and an extremely low number of customer service inquiries.



With an average order value of $70 and a repeat consumer rate of more than 60%, this Internet Company has proven its stickiness as a powerful tool for clients. Their top-selling offerings are the seasonal and annual subscription services, which represent nearly half of their overall revenue. Positive changes within US Domestic Gambling Legislation have led to a dramatic expansion of this highly lucrative industry.

The company currently delivers betting projections via their email system and streamlined website content delivery system.

The company has a strong cash flow, an average visitor rate of more than 10,000 hits per month, and 40,000 opt-in contacts. Additionally, there are limitless opportunities to scale with phone app development, social media engagement, and marketing initiatives.

The company has a highly engaged audience with 40,000 opt-in contacts and an average visitor rate of more than 10,000 hits per month.


The company has two employees.


The online sports betting industry is rapidly growing due to the recent positive changes within US Domestic Gambling Legislation. Subscription-based sports service providers are increasingly popular, with some of the top players including ESPN Insider and SportsLine.


The company has the potential to scale significantly with phone app development, social media engagement, paid marketing campaigns, and more.

Asking Price: $285,000
Gross Income: $103,303
Cash Flow: $94,211
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 2

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