elephants against a green environmentally friendly background

Green Ecommerce Company with Huge Online Following

This is a niche eCommerce retail company that specialized in environmentally friendly and Fair Trade products such as apparel, jewelry, home d├ęcor, and gifts. The brand is inspired by elephants, and the company has a laser-guided approach towards developing consumer products that help save the diminishing elephant population around the world.


This business utilizes a hybrid drop-ship and stock model with multiple sales channels, such as eBay and its own website eCommerce storefront. It maximizes margins, minimizes time investment by the ownership, and reduces seasonality risk thanks to the niche demographic target.

The business utilizes a hybrid drop-ship and stock model, which allows it to keep inventories low, reduce investment in warehousing, and minimize time investment.


The company has an active social media presence, with over 6,000 email addresses in its database. The ability to scale relies upon expanding into Amazon and alternative sales channels or by diversifying the SKU lineup.

The ability to scale relies on expanding into Amazon and alternative channels or diversifying the SKU lineup.

The company boasts a gross income of $236,199, a cash flow of $50,691, and two employees.

The company targets individuals who are environmentally conscious and seeking Fair-Trade products, especially those interested in the conservation of elephants.


The company consists of two employees, and there are no significant human resource challenges.


The company operates in the environmentalism retail vertical of the eCommerce space, with high potential for profitable growth due to the increased demand for environment-friendly Fair-Trade products. Examples of similar companies include The Little Market, Patagonia, and Toms.


The eCommerce sector of this business is relatively untapped, and there is still enormous potential for growth and profits. Examples of scale opportunities include selling products such as reusable bags and water bottles, expanding into other categories such as food, and targeting international markets.

Asking Price: $130,000
Gross Income: $236,199
Cash Flow: $50,691
Year Established: 2015
Employees: 2

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