Tuning Forks spiritual healing

Growth Brand in Vibrational Tools Training with High Repeat Order Rate and Long-Term Success

This eCommerce brand offers products and training in the unique industry of Vibrational Tools & Training, incorporating science, sound, and spirituality. Their products are made up of ancient Solfeggio Frequencies in the form of energy tuners, which are used for personal use to help increase the quality of life, as well as professional tools and training. The company sees itself as a leader in the movement of awakeners committed to making a difference in the world. They have been in business for 22 years and have seen a growth spurt in recent years, largely due to their work with YouTube influencers and email marketing. With an average repeat order rate of 27% and an average order value of $209, this eCommerce brand has a lot of potential.


The company operates with a primarily eCommerce model, with over 80% of sales being made online. They also accept phone orders, teacher and wholesale orders, and participate in live workshops and expos, with only a minimal inventory required. The primary product offered by the company is a range of Tuning Forks sourced from a US-based supplier with whom they have a 10-year relationship. Support and practitioner products are sourced from various small businesses within the US. The business has a 100% stock inventory model, maintaining an estimated $45,000 of inventory monthly. The workload for the owners varies, with one owner establishing and promoting the brand, while the other manages marketing, accounting, inventory, customer service, website development, and subcontractor management.

All products are sourced within the US, except Sound pucks from Canada and Chakra Stones from India. They work with a US-based supplier in a ten-year partnership, who creates custom products and handles the majority of inventory. A few specialized items are made by small US-based businesses.


Marketing for this eCommerce brand is primarily executed via email marketing, with an email database of over 10,000 subscribers. They have also seen success in the past with a 30-second Facebook ad generating significant sales. Recently, they have been working with YouTube influencers, and a new affiliate program has proven effective. There is substantial opportunity for growth in the marketing channels, including influencer collaborations and social media marketing.

Sales for this eCommerce brand come primarily through online channels, with over 80% of sales coming via eCommerce. They have also begun working with YouTube influencers, recently implemented an affiliate program, and have experienced great success with Facebook ads in the past. There is tremendous potential for growth within these channels, as well as opportunities in influencer collaborations and social media marketing.

With an average order value of $209 and a repeat order rate of 27%, this eCommerce brand has strong potential for growth. They have seen an enormous increase in customer base and sales after working with YouTube influencers and implementing email marketing strategies. They have a total of 40 products available, along with 20 product kits. Over 80% of sales come via eCommerce.

The typical customer for this brand is an open and searching female, primarily older, looking to be of service to others. They have a strong desire for spiritual well-being and quality of life improvement. Repeat business is driven by a variety of specialty products and a range of courses offered by the business.


Two owners currently operate the business, with one focusing on establishing and promoting the brand, and the other handling marketing, accounting, inventory, customer service, website development, and subcontractor management. Additional part-time employees handle order fulfillment, inventory organization, and kit assembly.


This eCommerce brand operates in the unique and rapidly growing industry of Vibrational Tools & Training, incorporating science, sound, and spirituality. Using ancient Solfeggio Frequencies as its base, the brand provides both products and training for personal or professional use. This industry has grown significantly in recent years, and many people are becoming more conscious of their spirituality and well-being. There is a significant opportunity for scale in the industry, with a large customer base and potential for further growth.


This eCommerce brand has substantial potential for scale, with a growing customer base and proven channels for marketing and sales. They have seen growth due to the rise in consciousness, as more people are looking towards spirituality and well-being. With strong email marketing strategies, affiliate programs, and influencer collaboration opportunities, this business has many scale opportunities. There is also the potential for expansion into new product lines within the Vibrational Tools & Training industry.

Asking Price: $1,500,000
Gross Income: $897,984
Cash Flow: $379,780
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 2

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