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Selling a Luxury Yacht Business: World

WORLD-YACHTS.COM is a yacht brokerage firm that specializes in selling sail and powerboats in the size range of 25 to 80 feet. They have a team of 41 sales executives located in various boating centers in the US. The firm has a vast customer base, including many international customers from countries like Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and numerous European countries.


WORLD-YACHTS.COM aims to provide the best sales and purchase experience to its clients. The company offers both new and pre-owned sailboats and powerboats, yacht management services by competent individuals, and professional guidance for a hassle-free transaction.

WORLD-YACHTS.COM has an extensive range of inventory and provides timely delivery to its clients. The company also arranges for logistics and storage services as per their customers’ requirements.


WORLD-YACHTS.COM implements an impressive marketing strategy that includes email and social media campaigns to reach potential customers. They also conduct in-person meets and events for interested clients to view their boats.

WORLD-YACHTS.COM’s sales channel growth comes through their website, in-person meets, and events. Further sales growth can be achieved by leveraging SEO techniques to enhance online visibility and reaching out to new markets.

The key metrics for WORLD-YACHTS.COM include the number of sales per quarter, customer satisfaction rates, online traffic, and conversion rates, among others.

WORLD-YACHTS.COM has a massive customer base, including individuals and businesses worldwide. The company has had sales to customers in countries like Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and numerous European countries, making it a highly profitable venture.


The company employs 41 sales executives with years of experience in the boating industry and provides a great work culture and professional growth opportunities.


The boating market is an excellent sector providing a great lifestyle business opportunity. This is an industry with growing demand as people aspire to enjoy water sports and activities. The global boat market size is forecast to reach $63 billion by 2027. The largest market for powerboats is North America, followed by Europe and Asia. The sailboat market has been experiencing steady growth over the years, with Europe accounting for the largest market share.


WORLD-YACHTS.COM has the potential to expand to emerging markets, leveraging technology to expand the business and reach out to potential clients. Additionally, investing in customized product offerings and expanding the team can aid in increasing revenue and market share.

Asking Price: $1,250,000
Gross Income: $7,000,000
Cash Flow: $425,000
Year Established: 2000
Employees: 41

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